19 PAR 4

A controlled tee shot is important on this downhill par 4 as water crosses the fairway some 230 metres from the tee. Golfers who successfully avoid the predominant water must avoid yet more hazards on the approach to the green as three sand bunkers hug the putting surface.

20 PAR 5

Players looking to find an easy par 5 at Nilai Springs will like this hole. At 480 metres, it demands three good shots to get home in regulation. So what makes this hole an almost sure par? The two greenside sand bunkers that appear threatening from the fairway are not in close proximity to the green.

21 PAR 3

This hole, the longest of the layout’s par 3s.should be an easy three for most players. A large, deep elevated green accepts shots well while the three greenside bunkers.


Golfers should also score well on this short par 4. You need only to carry water crossing near the green on the approach to be putting for birdie on a narrow putting surface.

23 PAR 5

This short par 5 is a sweeping dogleg left. A fairly deep sand bunker forms the corner of the dogleg and should be avoided at all costs. Wayward shots to the right are punishable by huge monsoon drain running parallel with the Fairway. On approach shots, golfers must be sure to select enough club as the green is one of the biggest of the course.

24 PAR 4

Three fairway sand bunkers are the focal point of this short, dogleg left par 4. Cutting the corner on the drive will shorten this hole even more.

25 PAR 4

In contrast to Hole 24, players must hit two strong shots to reach this green in regulation. Water runs from tee to green along the right side of the hole is also not in close to proximity to pose major damage. So, length is most important on this par 4. The Fairway Bunker on the right may pose danger to some.

26 PAR 3

The front edge of this hole is narrow, deep green is level. From the tees, players can be deceived into believing the hole plays shorter than its established 142 metres.

27 PAR 4

Aim right on this dogleg left par 4. Out-of-bounds from tee to green awaits any shot that drifts left. Sand bunkers near the green add to the difficulty of the uphill approach to a roundish putting surface.